Villa Miragalli Luxury Villa in Sorrento

The villa  is located where the enchanting Amalfi Coast begins in one of the m­ost beautiful places of the Sorrento Peninsula.

At Villa Miragalli, you truly feel you have found a slice of heaven.

The sea and sky peacefully reveal their beauty to you.

Their boundaries are barely defined, as the blue of the sky and the red and orange traces of the sun sparkle on the sea’s gentle currents.

Impressively, the Sirenuse Islands “Li Galli” and the Mediterranean Sea are displayed right in front of you.

This view is enjoyed throughout Villa Miragalli…whether you are just waking up or about to fall asleep in its many gorgeous bedrooms, and when you’re enjoying a cup of coffee in the living room, relaxing in the hot tub on the balcony, strolling through the villa’s large garden, or swimming in the gorgeous infinity pool, you will always enjoy this spectacular view.

A path from the villa winds down to Saint Elia village, dipping into a verdant valley full of Mediterranean oaks, brooms, carobs, and wild olives,the valley is home to the fox and peregrine falcon.

Only a lonely rock named “Il Picco” is left of the splendid arch of Queen Giovanna, mentioned by Norman Douglas in his book “The Siren Land”.  You and your loved ones will most certainly be amazed at everything you see and experience at Villa Miragalli.


“Amazing Villa with Breathtaking Views”
My wife, parents, sister, niece and I all stayed at the Miragalli for a week in early October. The villa itself was fantastic! It had plenty of indoor and outdoor space for “togetherness” as well as individual privacy when those of us wanted some time alone. We were often torn between decisions to hit the tourist hotspots along the coast or just stay and enjoy the villa!

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Beauty services

At Villa Miragalli we offer Beauty services and Wellness activities on request, such as all the most know treatments and massage.

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Infinity Pool & Hot Tub

Villa Miragalli features one of the only sea front infinity pools on the Amalfi Coast.

You and your guests will be most impressed by this 66 square meter (711 sq. ft) pool as it blends into the Mediterranean Sea.

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